Information for parents and families during Covid-19

Penmoor Nursery has remained open throughout the Covid-19 pandemic to support our families in the Yelverton and surrounding communities. We have been very proud to support all the Keyworkers who have kept our county going, whether it be keeping us safe and well, providing food, ensuring necessary transport, collecting our rubbish or supporting our Community in so many ways.


We are now open, not only to children of Keyworkers but for all our families. We work in bubbles, with staff working in Teams. We are loving this new way of working. All the staff say they feel so close to the children, the amount of time we spend outside has risen and the children think it is 'great fun'. We expected, and prepared for, children having a high level of anxiety when coming back but this has not been the case. They have managed the new layouts and enclosed bubbles extremely well and the quality of play, social interaction and language has improved beyond measure.


Many thanks to the incredible staff of the Garden House for allowing the children exclusive access during this period. They have learned so much about the world around them, taken time to look, smell and feel and had close up contact with a huge range of beasties. Sitting still by the lake, silently watching  the dragonflies and damselflies was as one little girl said "Magic!"


We have all decided that post-Covid there are many areas of practice we will continue. This will include lots more small group time and time spent 'being' rather than constantly 'doing'.

Of course, enjoying such a relaxed, fun atmosphere only comes with a huge amount of detailed planning behind the scenes. To read all the details of our Covid-19 policy see the link below

Penmoor Nursery policy for covid-19.docx
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